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I.V Vitamin Therapy Clinic Return Policy

Clinic Reservation

  • Clinic Reservations: In the clinic, reservations need to be canceled 24 hours prior to reservation, or you will be charged the full amount, you may reschedule within 48 hours if notified at least an hour prior to reservation. After treatments have been administered all treatments are non-refundable and all sales are final. No shows you will be charged the full amount rendered. 

  • If an Infusion has been started and is infusing, treatment is non-refundable. 


Packages and Punch cards

  • I.V. Vitamin Packages cannot be combined or shared and are only for one patient that the Punch Card is under and have to show ID at the time of treatment.

  • After the first I.V is administered out of the package there are no returns or cancelations.

Medical Concierge

​The concierge charge is non-refundable if not canceled 24 hours in advance, if not canceled 24 hours prior you will be charged the full amount of treatment. The Medical team will arrive at the time of your appointment, if they need access up the elevator to the rooms, they will contact the guest upon arrival to gain access from elevator security or to meet at the elevator in the Lobby. Please keep your phone available at the time of the reservation, the medical team will only be able to wait 15 minutes so please make sure to be available. If any Questions Email: and we will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. We strongly encourage you to pre-book your appointment, as treatment slots for IV therapy can be limited. 


If you have done any illegal substances in the last 24 hours, your treatment will be denied at the time of service and not refunded.

Contact Support

We received your message please allow 1-2 business days, thank you for your patients while we look into the matter further..

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